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Life is busy and hectic, at Mutt Masters we work around individuals in order to not only make their mutts happy but their masters as well.
The way nature intended-
Open spaces, fresh air, sunshine and shade!  What more could your dog ask for?
Bob "MuttMaster" Warren is a nationally recognized expert in dealing with the aggeressive and difficult dog.
We Love Your Dogs!
Mutt Masters is a full service dog training school specializing in making "good dogs better" & "problem dogs good!"

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Published Articles

Pet Healthcare Costs Billions!

Fall 2007 | The Colorado Dog Magazine

No matter where you look in the "Furry Friends" world, the dollar being spent, some wisely, some not, are an astonishing 41 billion.  That's more than the gross domestic productoall but 64 countries in the world and double the amount spent on pets just a decade aga, according to Packaged Facts, a consumer research copay based in Rockville, MD. 
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American Pride: Dog Products Made in the USA

Winter 2007 | The Colorado Dog Magazine

The American revolution seems to be back and thriving.  With "China Bashing" currently in vogue, more and more Americans are looking at products for themselves and their pets made in the "Good Old USA!" 
The backlash stems from consumers relevelling against products made from inferior quality materials and inferior manufacturing standards or produce the product at the cheapest cost.
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